INCOMING... NEW FAC TREASURER / MAILING ADDRESS Effective 4/4/2018, Rick Pendzick has assumed the duties of FAC Treasurer. Rick replaces Bubba Mayo, who has served long and well. THANK YOU BUBBA! Please note! Effective immediately, all FAC membership dues, contest registration fees, etc. should be mailed to the following address: FLYING ACES CLUB 997 Woodcliff Drive Franklin Square, NY 11010-1022 Checks should be made out to "Flying Aces Club". If you pay your dues via PayPal, carry on as before. Thanks for your attention to this matter! 2018-2019 FAC RULEBOOK IS NOW ONLINE! The 2018-2019 FAC Rulebook has been posted, and is available for viewing and download on the "Rules" page. The title page should say "RULEBOOK 2018-2019" and the FAC logo should be yellow letters on a blue background. THIS IS THE OFFICIAL FAC RULEBOOK FOR 2018-19!! Please destroy all others! 2018 FAC NATS DATES The 2018 Nats will be held July 18-21 in Geneseo, NY, at the National Warplane Museum Field. Registration and Scale Judging-Wednesday, July 18 Competition and Fun Flying July 19-21. Field BBQ Thursday, July 19th after the day's events. Date Night Friday, July 20th. Take your honey and spend some money! Banquet Saturday, July 21st, after the end of the contest. The schedule of events is up! Check out the "Nats / Non Nats" page. Blue Ridge Special added as unofficial FAC event The Blue Ridge Special is a straightforward stick model that flies GREAT! Check out the "Unofficial FAC Event" section of the Rules page for the rules... EVEN MORE FACNL archives are online! Claude Powell and Mike Escalante have been busy scanning more newsletters, and Stew helped me out by getting them posted...Thanks, gents! We have no fewer than 255 issues available. That enough for you? Check them out on the "About the FAC" page under "Newsletter Archives"... PINKHAM FIELD HANDBOOK ADOPTED At the 2016 FAC Council meeting, it was agreed that in light of its historical significance as one of the founding documents of the FAC, the Pinkham Field Handbook would be adopted as an official (but separate) rules guide for FAC contests, with all events in The Handbook eligible for official FAC kanones. Check out the newly revamped Rules page for more information! SQUADRON UPDATES A new Squadron list has just been posted. Check it out on the "About the FAC" page. Thanks to Gentleman George White for keeping up with it! NEW SQUADRONS The FAC has added FOUR new chapters recently! Maryland Marauding Mustangs, Squadron 47 Foo Fighters, Squadron 75 FAC Karlovic of Croatia, Squadron #64 Jersey Devil Squadron #74 Welcome! Check out the Squadron List on the "About the FAC" page for contact information for these and other FAC squadrons! Handy Guides to Scale Documentation Josh Finn and Vance Gilbert give you their respective takes on how to up your scale docs. Check out the "Reference" page for more... Kanone List update The Kanone List has been updated as of April 2017. Next update: April 2018. FAC NEWSLETTER INDEX UPDATE Lincoln Ross continues to plug away at the epic task of compiling a complete index to the FAC Newsletters. Check it out on the "About the FAC" page! Approximately 25 issues have been added since the last update in 2016. Thanks Lincoln!
NEWS ON THE WING: Messages from the CinC 2018 FAC NATS will be July 18 – 21st. As usual, registration and judging will be on Wednesday. Flying events will be Thursday through Saturday. The Bar-B-Q will be Thursday evening. Friday evening is the first ever official FAC Date Night…so take your honey out to dinner at one of the fine local restaurants. And of course, the awards banquet will be Saturday evening on the S.U.N.Y. campus as in 2018. How’s that for early notice? I thank the National Warplane Museum for securing their airshow date (and ours) in such a timely manner! More early notice… Events for the NATS will the same as the 2017 Non Nats with two changes: 1) The one design event will be the Martin AM-1 Mauler. Kits are available from Easy Built Models. More information is available from the The Detroit Cloudbusters website. 2) Special for 2018: the U.S. AIRMAIL COMMEMORATIVE EVENTS. 2018 is the 100th anniversary of regular scheduled airmail service in the US. We will fly a Mass Launch and a TOTF event, similar to what we did with the Spanish Fly events at the Non Nats. Basically, any aircraft that flew the mail in the US between May 15, 1918 and December 31, 1933 is eligible. Models must be in “airmail” color and markings…or have documentation that it was an early bird and not yet lettered by the US Postal Service. For the purposes of these two events, SIMPLIFIED SCALE rules apply. NOTE WELL…Dime Scale plans may be enlarged to qualify for Simplified Scale. Modelers who want to fly their entries in other FAC events (such as Golden Age) should make sure their models meet the requirements of those events. Note my new e-mail address: Ross P. Mayo, FAC, CinC. FAC MERCHANDISE STORE Looking for the perfect gift for the FACer in your life? You can now purchase quality FAC merchandise from the online company "Cafe Press". Shirts, hats, mugs....whatever your heart desires, it's probably there. Click on the link below and revamp your wardrobe. All profits go to support FAC activities. FAC store at Cafe Press: click here NEW! 2018 FAC calendars are now available! A perfect gift for the modeler in your life. Oh wait, that's you, innit? Okay, so get one for your wife. You gotta start somewhere. Designed by Tom Hallman, who knowsa thing or two about graphics, it's handsome as all get-out. NOTE: Make sure that you set the "start month" to January 2018 when ordering. Click here to view US FAC SUBSCRIBERS CAN NOW USE PAY PAL When it's time to re-up, take advantage of the convenience of PayPay! Visit the "Newsletter/Membership" page for the skinny.