2018 FAC NATIONALS The 2018 Nats will be held July 18-21 in Geneseo, NY, at the National Warplane Museum Field. Registration and Scale Judging-Wednesday, July 18 Competition and Fun Flying July 19-21. Field BBQ Thursday, July 19th after the day's events. Date Night Friday, July 20th. Take your honey and spend some money! Banquet Saturday, July 21st, after the end of the contest. click here for event schedule click here for registration form A (Contest Registration) click here for registration form B (SUNY Geneseo dorm / meals) click here for a list of alternate accomodations and golf cart rental info Once you've registered yourself, don't forget to pre-register your models for the contest! click here for model pre-registration information click here for 2018 Nats Q and A 1) The one design event will be the Martin AM-1 Mauler. Kits are available from Easy Built Models. More information is available from the The Detroit Cloudbusters website. 2) Special for 2018: the U.S. AIRMAIL COMMEMORATIVE EVENTS. 2018 is the 100th anniversary of regular scheduled airmail service in the US. We will fly a Mass Launch and a TOTF event, similar to what we did with the Spanish Fly events at the Non Nats. Basically, any aircraft that flew the mail in the US between May 15, 1918 and December 31, 1933 is eligible. Models must be in “airmail” color and markings…or have documentation that it was an early bird and not yet lettered by the US Postal Service. For the purposes of these two events, SIMPLIFIED SCALE rules apply. NOTE WELL…Dime Scale plans may be enlarged to qualify for Simplified Scale. Modelers who want to fly their entries in other FAC events (such as Golden Age) should make sure their models meet the requirements of those events. 3) New for this year--multiple NBM (No Blue Max) events! Events open ONLY to modelers with fewer than 16 Kanones to their credit. 4) We will again be flying Scale High-Start Glider. This is an "unofficial" event, i.e. it isn't in the official FAC Rule Book, but it will qualify for a Kanone nonetheless. Check out the provisional rules here: click here for provisional rules for FAC Scale High Start Glider 5) Also on the schedule is the Blue Ridge Special, another unofficial event that will qualify for a kanone. Click here for Blue Ridge Special provisional rules 6) Last but not least, we will have two demo-only, late evening events: The ever-amazing MEGA Launch, for rubber behemoths 54" and larger; The new 1/2 Gollywock event. Click here for 1/2 Gollywock provisional rules 2017 FAC NON-NATS RESULTS BLUR race Dime Scale Embryo Giant Scale Hi Start Scale Glider Jumbo FAC Peanut Pioneer Power Scale Rubber Scale Fiction Flyer Golden Age Monoplane Golden Age Multi-Wing Goodyear Greve Half Wakefield FAC High Wing Peanut Jet Catapult Jimmy Allen Low Wing Military Trainer Modern Civilian Modern Military NoCal Old Time Gas Replica Old Time Rubber Fuselage Old Time Rubber Stick 2-Bit+1 Spanish Fly TOTF Simplified Scale Spanish Fly Mass Launch Vega Starliner One-Design Thompson GHQ Peanut WWI Peanut WWI Combat WWII Combat AMA MEMBERSHIP Contestants MUST be members of the AMA or MAAC to compete at the FAC Nats / Non-Nats. We will require you to present your card at registration. If you cannot prove you are current, you cannot compete at the FAC Nats / Non-Nats. Simple as that. We have the capability to do a check at registration via the AMA website, but it's much simpler if you just bring your AMA card! NEW! "Instant" sign-up for AMA is available at Nats / Non Nats registration for those who are not currently members. Do us a favor, though, and take care of this before the meet. Thanks. Your cooperation in this is important, and appreciated. It's an insurance issue, naturally. If you belong to the MAAC, please make sure your membership is current and that you bring your card. We do NOT have the ability to provide "instant" sign up for MAAC contestants, or do an online verificiation check.