Webmaster Words – 05 August 2018

Coming out of the 2018 FAC-Nats, I assumed responsibility for the FAC-GHQ website.  Dave Mitchell had been webmaster, but surrendered that mantle when he became Commander.

For the last week or so, I have been transitioning the site content into a new structure – what you see here.  Currently, there is little new; most is just what Dave had created, content-wise.  I have created a near-live kanone list – and it is sortable (by name or by kanones).  I will probably update that monthly.  Also, Rick Penzick created a Squadron Map – now you can see where the squadrons are located (in the continental US).

I hope this new site is an improvement.  the conversion is not complete and the old site still exists – however that will slowly go away, being completely replaced by the new site..

If you have comments, let me know.

–george  bredehoft



NEWS ON THE WING: Message from the CinC


No Problems with Geneseo Field.

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  1. Ed OBrien

    Thanks, George. The web site is looking good.

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