Did you know that the FAC Council had voted to have ALL the back issues available for FREE DOWNLOAD?  It’s true!  All of the old issues have been scanned (mostly by Claude Powell – thanks!) and include the plans that were in each issue.

Now, to keep interest in subscribing and receiving your hard copy newsletters, the cut-off for availability is nothing newer than five years ago.  Most of the newer ones can be had by ordering from the limited number of hard copy over-prints available.

Last night, we uploaded the first seven issues of the Rich-Weber-era (boy, they look good) and will get the remaining six or so posted to catch us up to that five-year mark.

Where are these treasures” you might ask – well, take a look at the menu bar at the top or the navigation list at the right and you should be able to find the Back Issue page (you can also find hard copy ordering info on that same page).  Or – you can just click THIS LINK to take you right to the page.

Now, some of the issues are a pretty large download, especially the color-filled new ones.  And they are in PDF format, so you will need an Acrobat Reader (or equivalent).

Happy reading!