The FAC LIBRARY is Coming!

As you know, the FAC Newsletters are on site and downloadable.  I am taking this farther and we (the FAC) are going to create the Flying Aces Club Library.  This will be a repository of information and files with the purpose of helping you – the modeler – and anyone building our models now and in the future.

The newsletters are a start, and a good one, but it is just scratching the surface.  In the next few days, I will be creating a couple of pages to manage the next portion of the library.  Today, I uploaded nearly 1,000 files at over 1.5 MB (total).

Stay tuned!




Did you know – Newsletter Download!


MIke Zand – Gone West


  1. Will this just be a digital library or Willis include regular printed matter?

    • FACwebAdmin

      Hi Dave, the concept as it stands today, is a digital repository of various forms of information. I do not think we have an ability to create a hard copy library.

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