Today’s Youth and Model Building!

A message from FAC Member, Jimmy Jordan:

Many of you know and have flown with my grandson Matthew. He has been building and flying rubber powered Free Flight since elementary school (3 FAC Kanones – verified by your editor). His high school CAD “drafting” class project has been design and construction drawings for an ultralight airplane. Last night he was one of only 38 students from the nine local high schools to be inducted into the National Technical Honor Society. Comet Models’ old saying, “Model Building Builds Model Boys”, is as true today as it was in the middle of the last century!

Jimmy Jordan, the proud Granddaddy!

Well Done, Matthew! – from all of us at FAC-GHQ


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  1. Ronnie Espolt

    Exceptional achievement!

  2. well done to Matthew
    gosh when i was 8 years old in another country, my toys were nothing but paper airplanes, and now at the ate of mid 40’s i design and build airplanes still, so very refreshing to see young kids get in this amazinghobby
    thanks for sharing 🙂
    do take a look at some of my designs as well, they are ultralight rc gliders
    cheers from LA

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