2023/24 FAC One-Design – 1946 Schweizer SGU 2-22

We asked Tom Hallman to develop a model for the next FAC One-Design.  He chose the 1946 Schweizer SGU 2-22 for FAC hi-Start/Towline Glider.  This is a 36″ wingspan glider and will be kitted (short kit, likely with canopy) and provided in the 2023 Flying Aces Outdoor Champs Registration package – to be flown as the One-Design in 2024. The short kit will be available for purchase after the Outdoor Champs (but not before).

Hopefully, this will get more people into the Hi-Start/Towline Glider event.

Here is a video of Tom’s construction of the prototype model.



Modeling Legend, Don Srull, has passed away.


Race Planes – Their Original Colors


  1. mike

    How is the SGU 2-22 kit progressiing?

    • FACwebAdmin

      As of 02 February, I have parts laid out and ready to cut, except I am stuck (for a moment) on how to engineer the laminated nose pieces to include the scalloping. I’ll have a couple prototype kits ready in a couple weeks. They will be built as test models to ensure the kit is done correctly. Understand that this kit will not be available until it is released at the 2023 FAC Outdoor Champs in September. –george

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