Month: October 2023

Kanones and Sierra Hotel – UPDATED!!!

After a long and complicated summer, the Kanone and Sierra Hotel Lists have been updated!

Happy Halloween!




As Keeper of Kanones, I see the results of all reported contests.  I keep track of such in a database; well, the winner and winning model.  I would like to share the results (top three) of the recent contest at Wawayanda.  There were 8 flyers recorded in Jimmie Allen, and looking at the photos on Facebook, there was a preponderance of Jimmie Allen Specials, the smallest and rarely successful eligible model.  But that is not the Exciting news regarding this Contest and Event.

The Skokie (B.A. Cabin) was SHUT OUT of placing in this contest!  What a rarity!  And, yes, at least one was flying.  To give you an idea of the rarity of this, take a look at the database record (since 2014) for Jimmie Allen Contests:

“Everyone” builds and flies a Skokie – and they win with them.  I think  there are two reasons for this:  1) it is a good flyer, and 2) a kit is available (Easy Built Models).  Personally, I like the Sky Raider – it is similar to the Skokie, but slightly larger (and you can see, it wins, too).

But here are the top three finishers (as reported by Tom Hallman) at Wawayanda:

Granted, the flight times are nothing exceptional, but that matters not – a contest was held and these models won.  Here are photos of the winners, taken by Karin Escalante and grabbed from Facebook.


I believe this is Mike Escalante’s battle-worn Blue Flash


Vance Gilbert and his “transportized” Jimmie Allen Special. Note the spoked wheels!


Matt King and his rarely-modeled Yellow Jacket – with yellow jacket insect markings



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