Month: November 2023

Two Giants Pass

Over the last week, we have been informed of two great modelers that have passed away:

In California, FAC Hall of Famer, John Hutchison, passed away peacefully after an illness.

John Hutchison with his Zero

In Texas, Bob Isaacks passed away under violent circumstances.

Bob Isaacks with his Chambermaid


Happy Thanksgiving!

Here’s hoping for a wonderful Day of Giving Thanks to all of our modelers and families!


Bill Miller Passes

This is from Jim Miller, reporting on his father Bill Miller on Facebook:

“Sad news… my father and long time FAC member Bill Miller passed away today peacefully at the age of 95. He flew with Dave Stott and the gang back in the 1970’s-1990’s. He was also the cartoonist who drew the Hungorilla cartoons for the old FAC newsletters. Thanks to his long time friend and fellow FAC member, Brian Knapp for some of the great photos! I sure will miss flying model planes with my dad.”

I have selected two photos from what he posted.  If you have Facebook, you can see his original post HERE.


FAC Membership/Subscription Fees Increased

Coming out of the FAC Board Meeting last night, the Board voted to increase subscription rates immediately.  Here is a high-level explanation of “why”:

1) rates have been the same for several years at $25/$35/$50

2) most memberships are being paid by PayPal – which takes a little over $1 out of the $25 in fees per payment

3) choosing to mail the newsletter at First Class rates instead of bulk rates

4) the newsletter is now costing just under $27 per person

Given that information, it is easy to see that we are losing almost $3 per subscriber and there are about 850 subscribers.  We cannot suffer such losses.

So, we have raised the rates by $10 per subscription to cover immediate and future costs for some time.

Note:  CinC Dave Mitchell may have an explanation forthcoming, but we were instructed to implement this immediately and we felt we needed to provide the membership with something of an explanation.  We are also looking at other potential cost-saving measures.  Please direct your comments or concerns to the FAC Board and/or CinC.

US:  $35 per year
Canada:  $45 per year
Overseas:  $60 per year




We have dates, so set your calendars!  The 2024 FAC Nats will be 17-20 JULY at the site in Geneseo, NY.

We don’t have a schedule yet, but we have dates!

(edit: corrected end date to the 20th)

See you there!


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