FAC Leadership – Board of Directors and Council
Dave Mitchell – President
Mike Welshans – Vice-President
Rick Pendzick – Treasurer, IT Czar
Pat Murray – Secretary
Stew Meyers – Newsletter Editor
George Bredehoft – Webmaster
Sky Mayo – Board Member at-large, President Emeritus
Rich Weber – Board Member at-large
Mike Isermann – Council
Vance Gilbert – Council
Paul Stott – Council
Ronny Gosselin – Council
Don Deloach – Council
Winn Moore – Council
Roger Willis – Council
Dorhman Crawford – Council
Dave Niedzielski – Council

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Councilmen Emeritus
Fred Gregg
Bob Schlosberg
Tom Nallen I
Tom Nallen II
Mike Nassise
Pete Azure
Ralph Kuenz
Gene Smith
Jack Moses
Blake “Bubba” Mayo
Roy Courtney

FAC VIP Contacts
The FAC VIP list provides FACers with a central reference point for important contacts within FAC/GHQ. Use this list to find and contact the most appropriate person for your question or comment.

Dave Mitchell – President, CinC, Keeper of the Rules

Rick Pendzick – Treasurer, Dues, Contest Reg, IT

Stew Meyers – Newsletter Editor

George Bredehoft – Webmaster, Keeper of the Kanones