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Comet Model News Video

A short 15-minute video on the history of Comet Model Airplane Company from 1929-1941 is NOW AVAILABLE online!

I have added a new link to the Comet Catalog Page.  (A little cross-contamination to my business history) – when I took over my business, I had a small supply of these DVDs and was able to sell them.  I was pleased to find this official copy of the DVD online the other day – it is free to watch for everyone.

HERE is the link, but you can always find it on the Comet Catalog Page in the Library.

Kanone and Memorial List Updated

Both lists updated as of 01 September.   The Kanone List includes the kanones awarded at the 2018 FAC Nats.

My intention is to update these lists the first of every month.

View HERE.


New Library Contents!

New in the Library today:

  • FAC Plan Packs 1-6 (back online)
  • 8 Janick Peanut Plans (thanks to Claude Powell)
  • 8 Comet Catalogs (thanks to Paul Bradley and others)

Go here:

The Library is Now OPEN!

So here is the start of the Library:

  • FAC New Back Issues (268 issues already on line)
  • KAPA (Kits & Plans Antiquitous) Newsletter 1993-2012 (80 Issues)
  • PFFT (Pensacola Free Flight Team) Article Archive  (850+ tips!)

Find it on the Top Menu Bar (or just click HERE)

More to come!

The FAC LIBRARY is Coming!

As you know, the FAC Newsletters are on site and downloadable.  I am taking this farther and we (the FAC) are going to create the Flying Aces Club Library.  This will be a repository of information and files with the purpose of helping you – the modeler – and anyone building our models now and in the future.

The newsletters are a start, and a good one, but it is just scratching the surface.  In the next few days, I will be creating a couple of pages to manage the next portion of the library.  Today, I uploaded nearly 1,000 files at over 1.5 MB (total).

Stay tuned!


Did you know – Newsletter Download!

Did you know that the FAC Council had voted to have ALL the back issues available for FREE DOWNLOAD?  It’s true!  All of the old issues have been scanned (mostly by Claude Powell – thanks!) and include the plans that were in each issue.

Now, to keep interest in subscribing and receiving your hard copy newsletters, the cut-off for availability is nothing newer than five years ago.  Most of the newer ones can be had by ordering from the limited number of hard copy over-prints available.

Last night, we uploaded the first seven issues of the Rich-Weber-era (boy, they look good) and will get the remaining six or so posted to catch us up to that five-year mark.

Where are these treasures” you might ask – well, take a look at the menu bar at the top or the navigation list at the right and you should be able to find the Back Issue page (you can also find hard copy ordering info on that same page).  Or – you can just click THIS LINK to take you right to the page.

Now, some of the issues are a pretty large download, especially the color-filled new ones.  And they are in PDF format, so you will need an Acrobat Reader (or equivalent).

Happy reading!


the NEW FAC-GHQ Website is LIVE!

I believe I have replicated and redirected all of the old website.  If you find errors or missing pages, please let me know.

Things remaining to do:

  • update the Contest Calendar
    • it is a big task to enter each contest
  • add photos and/or a gallery
    • it would help if I had a large repository of photos (I know photos are out there!)
  • generate content
    • I will be creating an account for the CinC so he can post when he likes
  • create a “how-to” and “newbie” section for those wanting to learn more
  • while the newsletters are available, I think a plan download area would be great.
  • there will NOT be a forum/discussion area
    • you CAN comment on any post or page that is on the site.  This will be moderated and responses provided in an appropriate manner
    • if you want to discuss the world of the FAC and Free Flight, in general, I encourage you to have these discussions on the FAC-GHQ Facebook page:  I maintain and moderate that group.


No Problems with Geneseo Field.

𝗡𝗢𝗧𝗜𝗖𝗘: a rumor has been going around that the GREAT GRAPE GATHERING has been cancelled and the Geneseo Field has been lost – 𝗕𝗢𝗧𝗛 𝗔𝗥𝗘 𝗨𝗡𝗧𝗥𝗨𝗘. Carry on as planned (and stop spreading rumors).

Webmaster Words – 05 August 2018

Coming out of the 2018 FAC-Nats, I assumed responsibility for the FAC-GHQ website.  Dave Mitchell had been webmaster, but surrendered that mantle when he became Commander.

For the last week or so, I have been transitioning the site content into a new structure – what you see here.  Currently, there is little new; most is just what Dave had created, content-wise.  I have created a near-live kanone list – and it is sortable (by name or by kanones).  I will probably update that monthly.  Also, Rick Penzick created a Squadron Map – now you can see where the squadrons are located (in the continental US).

I hope this new site is an improvement.  the conversion is not complete and the old site still exists – however that will slowly go away, being completely replaced by the new site..

If you have comments, let me know.

–george  bredehoft

NEWS ON THE WING: Message from the CinC

Message from David Mitchell, CinC

I’d like to thank everyone for their expressions of support as I take on the duties of the CinC. I’ve got a lot to learn, but with your help we’ll make the transition as smooth as possible.

We have at least one other big change that will be happening over the next few months: GEORGE BREDEHOFT, erstwhile Keeper of Kanones and Mr. Volare Products, will be taking over my job as FAC webmaster. This portends all sorts of exciting website developments! We’ll keep you posted for when to expect the transition to a new FAC website.

Need to communicate with me? I prefer e-mail. You can contact me at:

If snail mail is more your style, you’ll find my address in all issues of the FAC News. If you must phone, you’ll also find my # in the newsletter. As a rule, I don’t answer calls coming from numbers I don’t recognize, soo.. PLEASE LEAVE A MESSAGE, and LET ME KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!

I look forward to serving the FAC!

Dave Mitchell FAC, CinC.

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