Our IT Guy, Rick Penzick, has been working on a web form that will allow Contest Directors to submit their upcoming events for inclusion on the FAC Calendar.  You will no longer send emails to the webmaster; you will input the information yourself.

To gain access to the web form, CDs MUST email Rick to gain access.  This will restrict access to actual CDs or their authorized appointees.  Rick set up your account and give you the secret URL.  Email Rick here:  contests@flyingacesclub.com

Below is a screenshot of the web form as it exists today (17 Oct 2018).  The look may have minor changes in the future, but the basic functionality will remain the same.  (Continue below the image for the instructions)


You must input your FAC Squadron Number and Name.  You can find this on the Squadron List, if you don’t know it.

You must also input details about your flying site.  Rick has set it up so the squadron can have up to four flying sites (for example, the Cloudbusters have one Outdoor site and one Indoor site).  You must provide the Latitude and Longitude and Google Maps address ONCE for each site.  After that, you can just call out the site name and Rick and his program will call up the details from the archive.

This is all of the specific information for the specific contest.  There is no ability to create recurring events, so your “4th Sunday of the month” contests will need to be entered individually.  If you can host your own flyer (have a website where it is stored), enter the flyer URL, if not, leave that blank – you will be able to attach a file before you send the information.

You can put in a CD name and email that is not you.  If your club rotates the CD duties, one person will have access to the input tool, but they can put Joe’s or Bob’s name and email.

In the Description, add whatever you like in plain text.  If you have entry fees, this is the place to put that, even if it is called out on the flyer.  You can put as much or as little as you like (within reason – I don’t know the data field character limit, but I am sure Rick has provided plenty of space).

MAX DISTANCE:  Rick’s program will send out Contest Invitations to every FAC member within a certain radius.  These will go out about one month prior to the event.  The Max Distance field is a mileage radius – how far do you expect people to travel for your event?  For example, I am about 140 road miles from the Cloudbusters’ field, so I put 200 miles.  Do NOT over estimate this – we do not want the FAC to be labeled a spamming organization.

When you click the SEND button, this will generate an email that will be sent to Rick’s program.  It will use your computer’s default email program.  We are assuming you know how to use email!  When this email pops up, then you can attach a copy of the event flyer.  PDF or JPG files are preferred.

Rick is your go-to guy on this; contact him with questions – if you are the Squadron-designated submitter of events.