The 2019 non-Nats will be held in Geneseo, NY on the 16th-20th of July. No other detailed information is available at this time.

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Contestants MUST be members of the AMA or MAAC to compete at the FAC Nats / Non-Nats. We will require you to present your card at registration. If you cannot prove you are current, you cannot compete at the FAC Nats / Non-Nats. Simple as that. We have the capability to do a check at registration via the AMA website, but it’s much simpler if you just bring your AMA card! NEW! “Instant” sign-up for AMA is available at Nats / Non Nats registration for those who are not currently members. Do us a favor, though, and take care of this before the meet. Thanks. Your cooperation in this is important, and appreciated. It’s an insurance issue, naturally. If you belong to the MAAC, please make sure your membership is current and that you bring your card. We do NOT have the ability to provide “instant” sign up for MAAC contestants, or do an online verification check.