PLEASE NOTE! If you are having trouble trying to download, save and / or print the FAC Rule Book, or any .pdf document from this website for that matter, you should try using the Adobe Reader toolbar provided by Adobe as a part of their free Adobe Acrobat reader software. Depending on your operating system, personal settings, etc., this will probably be visible one of two ways:

  1. In a dark gray tool bar near the bottom of the screen. It may be to the left, center, or right. This toolbar may “fade” away if not used right away; use your mouse to move your pointer towards the bottom of your screen and it will reappear. The “Save” and “Print” commands are the first and second icons from the left in this toolbar on a Mac; the last two icons on a PC. Maybe. The “Save” icon will look like an old floppy disc. The “Print” icon will look like a printer.
  2. At the top of the screen, directly above the screen image. The “Save” and “Print” commands are the 5th and 6th icons from the left in this toolbar.


If you don’t like it, talk to Adobe. Whether or not you experience any problems will
have to do with what operating system you use, what version of Adobe Acrobat
you have installed, the alignment of the sun with the moon, how old you are,
and the state of your relationship with your Mother-in-Law. When in doubt, consult
your local teenager.