Unofficial FAC events are those which do not appear in the Official FAC Rulebook, but are supported by the FAC and are eliglible for Kanones.

High Wing Peanut
The High Wing Peanut event is run as a sub-category of FAC Peanut Scale (event #1).

  1. Open to any high-wing Peanut Scale model, including unusual configurations.
  2. High Wing Peanut Scale is run in every respect according to the same official event rules and scoring as FAC Peanut Scale (event #1).
  3. When High Wing Peanut and FAC Peanut Scale are listed as events at a contest, high-wing Peanut Scale models MUST compete in High Wing Peanut. They may not compete in the general FAC Peanut Scale class.

Simplified Power Scale
Click HERE to download the Simplified Power Scale Rules

Comet’s Nickel Series (all plans here)
Click HERE to download the Comet Nickel Rules


FAC Scale High Start Glider – moved to OFFICIAL RULE BOOK (2022-23)

Blue Ridge Special – moved to OFFICIAL RULE BOOK (2022-23)