Eric Clutton, Aircraft Designer and Modeler, Passes Away

Per the online community, Eric Clutton died yesterday after suffering a stroke last week.  He was 93.






Simplified Power Scale – Update


  1. As a Brit, same age as Eric, built a few Sharkfaces, crashed a few, and lost one due to the early “build it yourself” radios of the mid sixties. Lots of fun but where can I buy diesel fuel now? I bought 2 or 3 engines from him since I moved to the USA 50 years ago. I’m an engineer too. Hope he doesn’t need any companions where he is flying now! Just today I was looking at the current one now that the weather has peaked up and thinking I’ll have to call Eric for some fresh fuel. My condolences to his family.

  2. Leigh

    I am 62 years young and the idea of building my own aeroplane was inspired by Henry Mignet and Eric Clutton , My wife now knows who to blame for my passion and interest in aviation 🙂 Leigh Cave from the U.K

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