FAC Leadership – Board of Directors and Council
Dave Mitchell – Board – President/CinC
Mike Welshans – Board – Vice-President
Rick Pendzick – Board – Treasurer, IT Czar
Pat Murray – Board – Secretary
Stew Meyers – Board – Newsletter Editor
George Bredehoft – Board – Webmaster, Keeper of Kanones
Sky Mayo – Board Member at-large, President Emeritus
Dave Niedzielski – Board Member at-large
Dohrm Crawford – Council
Don Deloach – Council
Vance Gilbert – Council
Ronny Gosselin – Council
Doug Griggs – Council
Mike Kelly – Council
John Koptonak – Council
Winn Moore – Council
Paul Stott – Council
Roger Willis – Council

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Councilmen Emeritus
Fred Gregg
Bob Schlosberg (deceased)
Tom Nallen I (deceased)
Tom Nallen II
Mike Nassise (deceased)
Pete Azure (deceased)
Ralph Kuenz (deceased)
Gene Smith
Jack Moses (deceased)
Blake “Bubba” Mayo
Roy Courtney
Rich Weber
Mike Isermann

FAC VIP Contacts
The FAC VIP list provides FACers with a central reference point for important contacts within FAC/GHQ. Use this list to find and contact the most appropriate person for your question or comment.

Dave Mitchell – President, CinC, Keeper of the Rules

Rick Pendzick – Treasurer, Dues, Contest Reg, IT

Stew Meyers – Newsletter Editor

George Bredehoft – Webmaster, Keeper of the Kanones