A squadron must have a “squad leader” or “contact person.” This person must be a member of the FAC in good standing, and must be willing to have their name, address, and phone number or email address published in the FAC Newsletter.  GHQ will alert the Squadron Leader to any request for information that it receives from use of the online Interactive Squadron Map. 

The contact is encouraged to recruit at least two more members if the squadron is interested in FAC competition. Note that participation in FAC competition is not a requirement for starting a squadron.

Events and rules can be found on the “Rules” page of this website (HERE).

The squadron needs to choose a name. Check the Squadron Map (HERE) for examples.

Once a name has been chosen, click HERE to contact FAC CinC Dave Mitchell. A squadron number will be assigned and the info will be added to our Squadron List.

Have fun and welcome to the FAC!

Dave Mitchell, CinC.