Hi all, my name is George Bredehoft. I have been flying FAC off and on for over 25 years. As fellow Cloudbuster Mike Welshans stepped down
from his FAC roles, I volunteered to take up the Keeper of Kanones duties and FAC CinC Ross Mayo accepted. As of 01 September 2014, all Contest Directors should send in the contest results to me. I am officially instituting a new reporting option. In addition to the traditional Kanone Report submission by mail, you may now utilize ELECTRONIC SUBMISSION.

Be aware: Electronic Submission (via email) will need to contain all of the information that is on the paper Kanone Report. You may accomplish this in a variety of ways:

  1. You may photograph the pages you would have sent to me, however, these must be high resolution and legible;
  2. You may scan the pages you would have sent to me – these must also be legible;
  3. You can type the information (ALL information) into an email (or Word doc or Excel spreadsheet) and send it to me.

Contest Director: it is YOUR responsibility to submit timely, accurate, and legible reports.

Click HERE to download a .pdf copy of the Kanone Report Form

Click HERE to submit Kanone Report via e-mail

If submitting Offical Kanone Reports by mail, send to:

George Bredehoft
FAC Keeper of the Kanones
7686 B Drive South
Battle Creek, MI 49014