This is the Google Calendar associated with the kanonereport email.  It will only ever show FAC Events.  As CDs submit their events from around the country, they will be added. (CDs:  submit your events on THIS PAGE.)

The default view in “monthly” – you can scroll through the months by using the arrow buttons in the upper left of the calendar.  You can change the view to “weekly” or “agenda” by clicking the tabs on the upper right of the calendar.  The “agenda” view gives a list, sorted by date (it can be handy).

We will try to entitle the events leading with the state (or area) they are in.

Clicking on an event once will bring up details about the event, including a link to Google Maps showing where the contest is located.  There should also be other pertinent details, ad a link to a contest flyer, should there be one.

In addition, you can add the event (or the entire calendar) to your own calendar.