In 1966 Dave Stott and Bob Thompson gathered together a merry band of like-minded modelers in Fairfield CT, to create what became the Flying Aces Club. They named their site Pinkham Field, after Phineas Pinkham, protagonist of the high-spirited stories found in the old Flying Aces pulp magazine. Shortly thereafter they moved their base of operations to Durham CT, to the site recognized ever since as the rightful Pinkham Field. As the birthplace of the FAC, Pinkham Field holds special significance for all who hold our club dear.

The Pinkham Field Flyer’s Handbook is the guide to the traditional events that are still flown at there today, from which so many of the signature FAC events that appear in the Official FAC Rule Book were developed.

In honor of the significance of Pinkham Field and the traditions carried on there still, the FAC hereby recognizes ALL events from the Pinkham Field Flyers Handbook as official FAC events, kanone-worthy and open for inclusion in official FAC contests.

NOTE!  In those instances where events in the Handbook closely but do not exactly mirror events found in the Offical FAC Rule Book, the event CD will make known in advance how the events will be flown. Generally speaking, models built to the standards of the Pinkham Field Handbook events are eligible for similar FAC events, such as and vice-versa. You should still read the Handbook carefully! Don’t mess with Pinkham Field TRADITION!

To preserve the history and integrity of the Handbook and to avoid confusion, it is strongly suggested that the contents are not altered when republishing. This is not meant to discourage the use of “CD’s discretion”. A simple footnote may be used to notify contestants of a warranted change by the acting CD.

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