The 2018-2019 Rulebook incorporates changes approved by the Council at the last meeting.

  • Changes from the previous edition are shown in two colors:
    BLUE indicates a text edit that does not modify the intent of any rule(s). Such edits are made solely for the purpose of clarifying or condensing text.
    RED indicates a new rule, or an addition to / modification to an existing rule.
  • Click HERE to view / download the Official 2018-2019 FAC Rulebook
  • Click HERE to view / download a synopsis of changes in the 2018-2019 FAC Rulebook
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New to the FAC? New to the Rule Book? Here’s a couple of tips to help you sort it out….

First, familiarize yourself with the “Primary Rules”, page 4. These rules apply to ALL CLASSES of FAC models.

Next, figure out what class of model you’re interested in. There are currently seven to choose from.  Focus on understanding the rules for that class. Some are more complicated than others.

  • FAC Scale
  • Total of Three Flight Scale
  • Total of Three Flight Non Scale
  • Simplified Scale/Dime Scale
  • Miscellaneous Timed Events
  • Mass Launch Events

Follow the rules, and you’ll be off and…flying!
If you have questions, click HERE to contact Dave Mitchell, Keeper of the Rules